Industrial gases specialist Messer is investing €35m in the construction of an air separation unit (ASU), in Germany.

The unit, which is being constructed on an area of 10,000 square metres on the Deutsche Edelstahlwerke site in Siegen, will separate air in a 55-metre coldbox, producing oxygen, nitrogen and argon to supply Deutsche Edelstahlwerke itself, as well as many other areas.

Work is progressing well on the unit; in a complicated lifting procedure an aluminium column, 45 tons in weight and 53 metres long, is now being fitted.

The separator column, suspended on steel belts, is hoisted precisely into the coldbox by three industrial cranes working simultaneously.
The construction of the ASU has led to five new jobs being created, adding to the 35 skilled workers currently employed on the construction site.

The plant is due to go into operation in October of this year.