Industry executives believe the US, Australia and China will be leading clean coal technology in five years‘ time. China’s appetite for energy is creating both unpleasant realities and unexpected opportunities.

The central government has put unprecedented emphasis on clean coal technologies, aggressively pursuing coal gasification as a way to burn coal more cleanly, in order to reduce 40%-45% CO2 emissions by 2020. Active research and deployment of CBM, CTL, Synfuel, IGCC and CCS have already got afoot in China, including Huaneng Group’s CCS pilot projects, PetroChina’s ambitious CBM plan, Shenhua, Yankuang and Lu’an’s CTL Projects .

Supported by World CTL Association, Carbon Capture & Storage Association, Association of Electricity Producers and Underground Coal Gasification Partnership, World Clean Coal Week China Focus 2010 will be held from 29th November to 3rd December in Beijing, China.

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Roadmap to Active Deployment of Cleaner Coal Technologies’. The conference covers a wide spectrum of topics on gasification, coal-to-liquid CTL), synfuel, power generation and environmental issues.

World Clean Coal Week China Focus 2010, which is organised by SZ&W Group, has attracted more than 100 famous organizations and companies, such as Shenhua Group, GreenGen, Synfuels China, The Linde Group, ExxonMobil, Lurgi, Air Liquide, GE Energy, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, KEMA,Pall Corporation,ETC,IGP,Air Products and Chemicals, Clean Coal Power R&D, NethWater,DKRW Advanced Fuels, Luca Technologies, Linc Energy,Feluwa Pumpen.

World Clean Coal Week China Focus 2010 will bring together over 200 industry leaders and experts from more than 20 countries.

Highlights World Clean Coal Week China Focus 2010:
* Gain essential insight into the progress that been made within the industry
* Debate the potential for coal in future energy matrix
* Evaluate the latest CTL, IGCC & CCS developments
* Understand the possibilities of developing niche markets with gasification technologies
* Hear from pioneers of the coal fired CCS - integrated power plant
* Analyze operational examples of alternative cleaner coal technologies
* Discover the latest technological developments in CCS,
hear the latest views and forecasts from key industry speakers from along the entire value chain and the government.
* Joseph P. Strakey, Chief Technology Officer, National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy
* Fredrick D. Palmer, Senior Vice President, Government Operations, Peabody Energy
* Zhang Yuzhuo, President, Shenhua Group
* Serge Perineau, President, World CTL Association
* Chunsong Qi, Vice President, GreenGen
* Yongwang Li, General Manager, Synfuels China
* Jianfen Deng, Vice General Manager, Dong Guan Power & Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
* Peter Bond, CEO, Linc Energy
* Jon Doyle ,CEO , DKRW Advanced Fuels
* Ashok Bhargava, Director, Energy Division, East Asia Department, Asian Development Bank
* Richard Ridout, Energy Attache, British Embassy, Beijing
* Kosmas Galtos, CEO, Environmental Clean Technologies
* James Lamoureaux, CEO and Founder, International Green Power
* Jason Crew, Director of Gasification & IGCC products, Asia Region, GE Energy
* John Tombari, President, Schlumberger Carbon Services
* Norman G. Cathcart, Vice President, Marketing, Pall Corporation
* Jeffrey Weber, Founder & Vice President, Geosciences, Luca Technologies
* Changrong Peng, Marketing Director China, Air Products
* Pietro Di Zanno, Director, Chemical Conversion Market, Lurgi
* Mitch Hindman, Licensing Director, ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Co
* Alan Darby, Gasification Leader, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
* Harald Ranke, Managing Director, Linde Process Plants (Pty) Ltd. South Africa
* Markus Flick, Director, Evides Industry Water
* Takeshi Muto, Executive Director, Clean Coal Power R&D Co.
* Bert Bekker, Country Manager China, KEMA Energy Consulting
* Matthias Finkenrath, Energy Analyst, International Energy Agency (IEA)

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