Supported by the National Energy Administration, IEA Clean Coal Centre and Carbon Capture & Storage Association, World Clean Coal Week China Focus 2010 will be held in Beijing, China this November.

Held from 29th November to 3rd December, the theme of this year’s conference is ‘Roadmap to Active Deployment of Cleaner Coal Technologies’. As a result, the event covers a wide spectrum of important topics on gasification, coal to liquids (CTL), synfuel, power generation and environmental issues.

The topics cover energy and environmental issues and technologies related to coal and its byproducts.

Industry executives believe the US, Australia and China will be leading clean coal technology in five years time. China’s appetite for energy is creating both unpleasant realities and unexpected opportunities. The central government has put unprecedented emphasis on clean coal technologies, aggressively pursuing coal gasification as a way to burn coal more cleanly, in order to reduce 40%-45% of CO2 emissions by 2020.

Active research and deployment of CBM, CTL, Synfuel, IGCC and CCS have already got a foothold in China, including Huaneng Group’s CCS pilot projects, PetroChina’s ambitious CBM plan, Shenhua, Yankuang and Lu’an’s CTL projects.

World Clean Coal Week China Focus 2010 (WCCW 2010) will continue to bring together over 300 industry leaders and experts from more than 25 countries and WCCW 2010 is expected to be inaugurated by Wu Yin, Vice Chair of National Energy Administration.

Further information can be found at the event’s website, or by contacting Miss June Chiang at