Angstrom Advanced Inc. has developed the ”world’s first” all-in-one hydrogen refueller.

The refueler is suitable for customers with urgent refuelling demands or a relatively small amount of hydrogen needs.

The system has characteristics of high integration, easy maintenance and installation, high security and safety.

Requiring only water and electric connection for hydrogen refuelling, the refueller is safe, convenient and reliable.

The Angstrom refueler is capable of fuelling a number of hydrogen vehicles per day. The refueler has been professionally tested and certified by the US Savanah River National Lab, highlighting the advancement and safety of each indicator of the system.

In 2016, after selection amongst competition, the state government of Massachusetts confirmed that the world’s first “commercialised renewable energy hydrogen production, storage, refuelling, and fuel cell microgrid demonstration project” will be operated by Angstrom Advanced Inc. and be located in the Greater Boston Area.

Hydrogen Refueler

Source: Angstrom Advanced Inc.

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