From next year, a day dedicated to raising awareness among the wider public about the importance of refrigeration technologies in everyday life will be held annually on 26th June.

The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) joins associations and companies worldwide to support the initiative of an official World Refrigeration Day every year.

“With increasing global stakes at hand, over the past years refrigeration has come to take a leading role at the heart of international affairs,” IIR explained in a press release.

“The inauguration of a World Refrigeration Day would not only be an ideal way to recognise the many historical achievements of the industry, but also a means to anticipate and overcome together the challenges we face.” 

The IIR, founded in 1908 on the occasion of the first International Congress of Refrigeration, can attest that the HVACR industry, including cryogenics, offers countless opportunities from both personal and professional standpoints, and has grown into a key part of todays’ society. 

It is the only independent intergovernmental organisation in the field of refrigeration.

“Striving to give generations to come confidence in their future, a World Refrigeration Day would also be the hallmark to say ‘Everyone’s included’.”

As an expression of its commitment to promoting refrigeration around the world and its determination to attract top talent to the industry, the IIR will collaborate with its member-country delegates, its international experts, and various regional and national associations to organise initiatives to be celebrated on this special day.