The lightweight, streamline, aerodynamic bike can reach a top speed of 50 mph in 12.1 seconds. But the best feature about this bike is that it runs on environmentally friendly fuel, Hydrogen.

The ENV bike (Emissions Neutral Vehicle) was designed to Intelligent Energy’s brief by a British team, Seymourpowell. The bike has been designed around the CORE fuel cell engineered by Intelligent Design. The CORE, is completely detachable from the bike and is capable of powering anything form a motorboat to a small domestic property.

The ENV bike is virtually silent with noise emissions similar to that of an everyday home computer. The emissions are almost completely clean and on a full tank, the ENV can be used for up to four hours continually without having to refuel.

Commenting on the future possibilities of the bike, Intelligent Energy’s CEO, Harry Bradbury said, “In the none-too-distant future, people will be able to use a bike like ENV to leave work in an urban environment, drive to the countryside, detach the CORE and attach it to another vehicle, such as a motorboat, before going on to power a log cabin with the very same fuel cell, which could then be re-charged from a mini hydrogen creator, the size of a shoebox.”

The Intelligent Energy Core fuel cell///Photo courtesy of Intelligent Energy

The Intelligent Energy CORE is a PEM-type fuel cell. The PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cell type is a popular and appropriate type of fuel cell for automotive applications. Each fuel cell is a multi-layer of plates and MEAs (Membrane Electrode Assemblies), in which the MEA acts as a catalyst during an electro-chemical reaction, producing water and electricity from hydrogen and oxygen.

The water is a useful by-product of the heat and power application technology. It can be evaporated, drained or drunk, as it was by the astronauts of the Apollo missions. NASA were the first real users of fuel cell technology in the 1950s and 60s, a century after is first inventions by Welsh lawyer, Sir William Grove.