FC EXPO 2006 (2nd Int\\$quot;l Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo) was held at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan from Jan 25-27 in great attention of the industry

404 exhibitors from over 14 countries/regions exhibited their latest products and technologies related to the Research and development, and manufacturing of fuel cells and hydrogen. This was the second exhibition and again World\\$quot;s Largest in the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen industry, placed as a must-attend exhibition in the industry. FC EXPO attracted a total of 23,039 industry executives from over 20 countries and regions.

Mr Hank Teh, international sales and marketing manager, explained that every booth was filled with visitors hearing presentations of the equipment and having business meetings with exhibitors. Reflecting the increasing interest of fuel cell, newly launched \\$quot;Fuel Cell Systems/Products Zone\\$quot;, gathered many visitors. Tokyo Gas (Japan) exhibited Residential Fuel Cell Cogeneration System \\$quot;LIFUEL\\$quot;, which was also spoken at the Keynote Session, which attracted a total of 1,171 attendees from worldwide.

Booming interest for 2007

With booming interest in fuel cell and its reputed name, FC EXPO is expected to become 1.5 times bigger (with 500 exhibitors) in Feb. 7- 9, 2007 at Tokyo Big Sight. Exhibit spaces for FC EXPO 2006 were sold out months before the show. Most of the exhibitors reserved their booths during the show while newcomers were seen requesting for their booths at the \\$quot;Reservation Inquiry Counter\\$quot; onsite. Again, it is considered that the
exhibit spaces for 2007 will be sold out soon. \\$quot;Those interested in exhibiting, please contact Show Management immediately before exhibit space runs out. If you reserve by the end of April, you can enjoy the Early Bird Discount price besides getting high priority in booth allocation\\$quot;, said Hank Teh, \\$quot;Please reserve your space as soon as possible.\\$quot;