Finnish Woikoski has ordered a new vacuum insulated tank from the Czech Ferox A.S. The 500 m3 tank is for the air separation plant and company’s headquarters in Voikoski.

The new tank, which will be used for liquid nitrogen storage, is the largest vacuum insulated tank in the world and the biggest in Ferox manufacturing history.

Kalevi Korjala, technical director of Woikoski, said: “Woikoski has doubled its production capacity at the Voikoski plant and that is why there is a need for a larger buffer storage tank.

“We have ordered many tanks from Ferox before, as it is one of the few companies in the world focused particularly on supplying equipment for storage and transportation of liquefied industrial gases.

“Ferox has proved to be a very reliable and high-quality company to co-operate with.”

The half a million-euro tank was originally ordered for last spring but it got damaged in the transportation process.

Mr Korjala continued: “It was already in Hamburg but got returned back to the Ferix’s factory in Czech Republic to be repaired.

“The 36 metres long tank will be delivered to Voikoski in September, in one piece I hope,” he laughed.

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