Massachusetts-based Alaka’i Technologies has unveiled Skai, the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered air mobility solution.

The system runs entirely on hydrogen fuel cells and claims to be one of the safest, cleanest and most versatile air mobility solutions.

Powered by clean hydrogen fuel cells, with zero emissions, Skai features a range of up to four hours, the equivalent to 400 miles, and can seat up to five passengers.


Source: Alaka’i Technologies

Skai’s core team members are recognised aerospace experts, engineers and veteran pilots. Skai is co-designed by Designworks, the design innovation studio for the BMW Group.

“This remarkably impressive team have come together to build on our collective experience to finally realise our singular, critical vision to launch Skai and transform transportation,” said Brian Morrison, Co-Founder, President and Chief Technology Officer of Alaka’i Technologies. 


Source: Alaka’i Technologies

With the advantage of being 95% reusable and the remaining (99%) recyclable, Skai’s hydrogen fuel cells offer reliable, safe and environmentally clean emission comprised solely of heat and water.

“Our focus for this project was to help building a new consumer facing brand from scratch – considering and designing all touch points – digital, physical and service,” said Holger Hampf, President of Design works.


Source: Alaka’i Technologies

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