A pedestrian footbridge constructed using Air Liquide Welding\\$quot;s processes and products has been completed at Rhine, an area between France and Germany.

According to Air Liquide the footbridge has the longest free span in the world \\$quot;“ 230 metres between supports \\$quot;“ and is comprised of a five-meter wide metal deck rising 25 metres above the river, and a steel structure in the shape of an asymmetrically cross-sectioned arc, symbolising the links between the two countries.

The true architectural challenge\\$quot;s whole metal structure weighs a total of 1,000 metric tons and it will be opened to the public on 31 December 2006.

Jean-Claude Buono, Chairman and CEO of Air Liquide Welding, stated: \\$quot;Air Liquide Welding is pleased to have participated in the construction of this structure, thanks to the proven know-how of its teams, who have already contributed to civil engineering structures such as the bridge between Rion and Antirion in Greece and the Viaduc de Millau in France.\\$quot;

The bridge was built by German company Max-Bögl.