Intermodal Telematics (IMT) have released its IMT Fleets App, allowing on-the-go fleet management, including asset whereabouts and cargo temperature and pressure indicators.

Complete with a user-friendly interface, customers are able to track entire fleets as well as find details of a specific asset.

In addition to having the ability to search entire fleets of assets, users can see particular asset groups and all details regarding individual assets.

Of the app, Dethmer Drength, Founder and Managing Director of IMT, said, “The IMT Fleets App fits perfectly IMT’s philosophy of making data efficiently available to our customers and thus making fleet management even more optimised and transparent.”

“With this mobile app, every customer will have round-the-clock visibility over every asset anywhere in the world right on their mobile device.”

With the expectation to add further features to broaden the scope of their fleet management apps, Drenth continued, “With each new app or new feature, we want to give our customers better access to vital data they need to control the supply chain more efficiently and to optimise asset utilisation in the logistics processes.”

The IMT Fleets App is now available for customers via the Google Play and Apple App Store.

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