Austrian based Worthington Cylinders GmbH has been setting standards in high pressure cylinder production for over 80 years making the company one of the most experienced suppliers of gas cylinders worldwide.

Worthington Cylinders GmbH in Austria (formerly “Heiser”) was established in 1817 by Josef Anton Winter through the purchase of three forging workshops dating back to the 16th Century.

After being taken over in 1849 by Josef Heiser and then sold to the Reitlinger brothers in the 1911, Worthington’s first cylinder was produced in the early 1920s and innovative strides have been made ever since. Indeed by 1986, the company had introduced high strength steel cylinders and the next milestones to be reached by the company came in 1992 with the modification of the porous mass to the asbestos-free type (HEISER-ECO) and the certification to ISO 9000.

In 1995 the delivery of the first composite cylinders took place and just 3 years later the company was acquired by Worthington Cylinders Corporation, a member of the Worthington Industries group.

Today the Worthington Cylinders group is the worldwide leading manufacturer of pressure vessels and Worthington Cylinders GmbH’s seamless steel cylinders from Kienberg bei Gaming are known for their unique quality under the trade mark HEISER® in more than 70 countries around the world.
As a result of their light weight and highest safety, their steel cylinders continue to set worldwide standards and have revolutionised the market.

More than 11 million cylinders delivered from the location Kienberg bei Gaming speak for themselves. Today, Worthington Cylinders Corporation produce 35 million vessels annually at nine different locations worldwide.

The company
Worthington Cylinders GmbH in Kienberg produces 750,000 seamless high pressure steel cylinders annually, employing 420 people.

The location Kienberg bei Gaming has a remarkably long tradition and has developed in the course of hundreds of years from a handy-crafts workshop into a modern, internationally operating, industrial plant. A high quality standard of products is a recognizable characteristic and one of the reasons for the success and continuity of the location.

The company’s principle is to keep to all environment-related laws and regulations by realising a completely preventitive environmentally friendly production concept, the application of the Worthington Industries philosophy and the company code of behaviour as well as the continuous improvement of business processes in cooperation with employees, customers, suppliers and owners.

The products
Industrial gas cylinders
The Austrian operation makes a broad range of cylinders for industrial gases applications such as welding, medicine, laboratories, food and beverage technology, fire protection equipment and water treatment. A majority of the production is currently dedicated to cylinders for industrial gas applications.

Acetylene cylinders
Worthington Cylinders GmbH is the world’s largest manufacturer of porous mass for acetylene, and the only supplier in Europe who can deliver both cylinder and mass from the same production facility. The acetylene cylinders “Made in Austria” are safe, light, user-friendly, and have a long life.

The forged, seamless, steel cylinders and the high porosity, monolithic, asbestos-free mass all come from the same production facility. The specially developed porous mass ensures a perfect and consistent gas release for all acetylene applications, while sourcing acetylene cylinders from Worthington makes it easier to receive the best products with only one contact point.

Composite cylinders
Worthington Cylinders GmbH produces Type II and Type III composite cylinders. The Type II cylinders (hoop wound steel liners) are mainly used for industrial gas applications and Type III cylinders (polar wound aluminium liner) for breathing air cylinders (6.8 litres cylinders with a weight of only 3.9kg).