Diversified metal processing company, Worthington Industries, announced improved quality of its industrial high pressure steel cylinders—inside and out.

With the Company’s proprietary Longlife Powercoat powder paint, Worthington high pressure steel cylinders are now able to retain a flawless surface up to 5.000 hours of salt spray testing, more than doubling its previous durability.

“We significantly increased the durability of our proven surface coating, reducing refurbishment costs and expensive downtime,” said Gabriele Zeilerbauer, Director of European sales at Worthington Industries.

In the salt spray test, which manufacturers use to understand how many hours of wear and tear a cylinder can tolerate before it shows traces of corrosion, the cylinders coated with Worthington’s Longlife Powercoat powder paint achieved more than 100% better figures than previous standards.

A second major development is the increase in the internal cleanliness of the steel cylinders from 100 mg/m2 hydrocarbons to 50 mg/m2 hydrocarbons, and 100 mg/m2 particles to 20 mg/m2 particles. With additional treatments, the hydrocarbons can be reduced to 10 mg/m2 and particles down to 5 mg/m2 for more sophisticated applications.

“The high internal cleanliness of our products is a quality feature that plays an important role in the automotive, electronics and medical industries, and we are proud to have achieved purity figures well below the industry standards,” added Zeilerbauer.

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Source: Worthington Industries