Worthington Cylinders has made gasworld aware of its new long-lasting powder coating for European high pressure cylinders, said to be ‘ideal for cylinder asset inventories.

Available for industrial gas, automotive CNG and other cylinders manufactured for international markets, the long-life powder coating offers high corrosion resistance, sophisticated adhesion and high impact resistance.

All of which is combined with a high-gloss finish.

According to information sent to gasworld, the new coating provides more than nine times higher corrosion resistance than industry standard wet paint system coatings (standardized grid and saltspray test results also available).

State-of-the-art technology creates a high quality surface finish due to a tightly-controlled automated production process, producing less hazardous waste than standard wet paint processes and emitting zero to near-zero volatile organic compounds.

Long-life powercoat options include standard SL quality coating, with electrostatically charged powder sprayed onto the high-pressure cylinders and cured in a furnace, up to the premium DL+ quality option which adds a powder primer to the standard topcoat and pre-treatment – providing minimum nine times longer life than standard coatings.

Worthington assures that this ‘top quality coating even meets requirements for offshore and other rough environments’.