Worthington Industries, Inc. has announced that its acetylene massing plant rebuild is complete, with product now available for customers.

The company’s acetylene massing plant in Kienberg, Austria was destroyed in a fire in November 2013.

Located alongside Worthington’s cylinder manufacture facility in Kienberg, the new acetylene massing plant is the most modern massing plant in the world, constructed with state-of-the-art equipment and highly automated processes.

Acetylene cylinders manufactured as of July orders will be massed in the new plant.

For Worthington Industries, a leading diversified metals manufacturing company with 2013 fiscal year sales of $2.6bn, the acetylene product line is an important component of its global industrial gas offering.

This includes steel high pressure and acetylene cylinders manufactured in its Austrian facility, aluminium high pressure tanks manufactured in Mississippi (US) and a new liquid cryogenic cylinder line launched from Ohio (US) in early 2014.