Water Technologies International (WTI) Inc., leader in the technology in atmospheric water generator’s production and design, has evolved as a ‘Pure Water Play’ generating, cleaning and producing water used to make hydrogen (H2) fuel for power plants.

WTI has recently announced that it is partnering with a group of undisclosed commercial H2 electric energy plants and plans to to purchase large scale atmospheric water generators to produce ultra-pure water for making H2 fuel for the power plants.

The company is also providing commercial and industrial wastewater solutions as well as desalinisation units capable of cleaning hundreds of thousands of gallons of drinking water.

WTI’s CEO, William Scott Tudor, said, “I see this year as the year our hard work will come to fruition. The partners we are working with for the commercial applications of the company’s eco-friendly products waste water processing and H2 technologies are essential for eco-friendly communities around the world.”

“This enables us to substantially expand our commercial water generation ability and with our new lower energy compressors that will lower our cost per gallon. Electricity costs are very important in other major market countries outside the US. I’m extremely optimistic about our future here and abroad,” Tudor concluded.