Xebec Holding USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Xebec Adsorption, has entered into an agreement to acquire all of the outstanding securities of Enerphase Industrial Solutions, doing business as Air Flow.

Air Flow’s principles will remain with Air Flow after the acquisition to optimise its integration into Xebec’s industrial service and support business and to grow the operation over the coming years.

“When Xebec approached us, we saw a unique opportunity to be part of a mission that was larger than us. Climate change is a growing concern and I saw how our team and experience in compressed air service could translate into being a strong value add to help service and support Xebec’s upcoming renewable natural gas and hydrogen systems,” said Stanton Shelton, President and CEO of Air Flow.

“North Carolina is one of the top ten agriculture producing states which represents significant potential for RNG projects. Air Flow is well positioned with three points of presence to offer truly local support to future dairy and hog farmers, municipalities, and industry.”

Dr. Prabhu Rao, Chief Operating Officer at Xebec, added, “As renewable natural gas and hydrogen adoption continues, the need to support customers over the lifetime of their installation grows.”

“Air Flow is yet another example of an acquisition that is immediately accreditive to Xebec’s earnings and the service team at Air Flow can be trained to also work with renewable gases.”