Xebec Adsorption has signed an exclusive partnership with CarbonQuest to reduce carbon emission in New York buildings through the deployment of its CO2 separation technology.

A provider of clean energy solutions, Xebec will integrate is specifically designed technology into CarbonQuest’s Building Carbon Capture™ system.

For the project, CarbonQuest has developed a patent pending “4-Step Carbon Capture Process” which enables the separation and liquefaction of CO2 from natural gas.

The captured Sustainable CO2™ will then be sequestered or used in manufacturing or other industry.

Commenting on the partnership, Shane Johnson, President and CEO of CarbonQuest, said, “We’re excited to be collaborating with Xebec on our quest to decarbonise buildings. In urban cities, buildings are by far the number one source of carbon emissions.”

“Our mission is simple: to enable these urban building owners to decarbonise now; thereby directly addressing the biggest source of emissions and decreasing environmental impact.”

Dr. Prabhu Rao, Chief Operating Officer at Xebec, added, “It’s a privilege for Xebec to work with CarbonQuest, a pioneer in the field, on this first of a kind project.”

“Their carbon capture process opens a significant market opportunity for our compact and reliable equipment for CO2 separation applications.”