Xebec Adsorption Inc. (Xebec), has received orders for $2.6m for multiple purification systems. Orders originate from Taiwan, France and Canada, all to be delivered in 2017.

The first project involves a French refinery customer who wants to purify an unused hydrogen (H2) off-gas stream for delivery to a 1 MW proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell for the production of zero-emission electricity to a utility grid. PEM fuel cells are very sensitive to impurities so Xebec will purify the stream using their H-3200 H2 purification system to produce 99.99% high purity H2.

The second H2 purification project, located in Taiwan, involves an industrial customer who wants on-site generation of H2 through a steam methane reformer (SMR). The purified stream will be used in various industrial applications. Xebec will provide one of its super-compact, fast cycle H2 purifiers to deliver 99.999% ultra-pure H2.

Two other projects are converting biogas to Renewable Natural Gas. One project is located in France and the other in Canada. Xebec will provide core PSA purification and pre-treatment technology so that the clients can monetise their respective biogas streams.

“We are proud to have been chosen as the clean tech provider for these innovative H2 and renewable natural gas projects,” said Kurt Sorschak, President and CEO of Xebec Adsorption Inc. “It’s gratifying to see more and more companies discovering Xebec’s truly unique offering – compact, fast cycle pressure swing adsorption (PSA) purification systems that offer significant cost savings, while delivering outstanding performance and durability.”

“Xebec is especially excited to see a solid increase in its H2 purification business. H2 is quickly gaining traction in the clean energy field. Zero-emission energy projects, as well as global fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) initiatives are expanding our pipeline of projects, establishing us as a rising leader in the small to medium flow rate H2 purification segment.”

Xebec H3200 Hydrogen Purifier

Xebec H3200 Hydrogen Purifier

Source: Xebec