Xebec Adsorption Inc. (XBC), a global provider of clean energy solutions for the hydrogen, natural gas, field gas, helium, oxygen and nitrogen markets, has introduced a complete range of high performance, Fast Cycle Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Systems capable of ultra-pure hydrogen purification of up to 6.0 hydrogen grade (99.9999%).

The gas market has been long awaiting a more compact, smaller flow, high purity hydrogen purifiers, the company said.

Xebec has responded to this demand by creating four ultra-compact models that deliver high purity product and have a small equipment footprint. They also come skid-mounted, loaded with adsorbents, ready to install.

New optimal cycle design

Xebec’s fast-cycle PSA units are based on proprietary rotary valve technology. One rotary feed valve is connected to the bottom of each bed, and one rotary product valve is connected to the top of each bed. Feedgas flows through at least one bed while, simultaneously, purified product gas flows from the bed to the product line. Other flows are similarly connected through the rotary valve for exhaust, purge and equalizations.

The rotary valves are proven to be highly reliable, with recommended inspection intervals of 2.5 years, and service intervals of five years. Xebec’s PSA installations have proven availabilities of 99.9%, including service intervals.