India is, at present, one of the fastest growing economies in the world and in the automotive lighting industry there is an increasing trend towards the use of the rare xenon gas a lighting commodity, according to Philips Automotive Lighting.

The company’s products are marketed under the well-known Philips brand in retail stores across the world, but Philips is also one of the leading equipment suppliers of lighting systems to the automotive industry. The company has been active in India for over 70 years and has seen an increase in the use of xenon, one of the ‘noble’ or rare gases, for lighting systems.

This trend in the Indian market is explained by Hans De Jong, global CEO of Philips Automotive Lighting, as he says, “Today, continuous upgrades are being done in the quality of lighting systems worldwide, we see a very large penetration of xenon lights, with Japan leading and Europe following, not only in high end but also mid segment of automotive. In India there is an increasing trend of market moving from single to double lighting systems that improves the beam significantly. We see a gradual increase in interest of the xenon lighting systems in India, which offers 2-3 times the light of conventional lights.”

“Philips has been in India for more than 70 years now and views India as a crucial market. The global giants in the auto industry are investing heavily in India and are watching this market closely.”

As one of the noble gases, xenon represents less than two thousandths of 1% of air and has its worth in a number of unique applications as part of the special gases portfolio.