Yara International ASA and the Environmental Foundation Bellona have entered into a strategic cooperation with the aim of solving important environmental challenges.

The partners will work for political framework conditions and policies, which prioritize the best available environmental technology and contribute to reducing emissions of nitrous oxide (N2O) and nitrogen oxide (NOx).

The cooperation will focus on measures to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas N2O, known commonly as laughing gas, and the pollutant NOx. Yara's position is special in that the company releases a significant amount of these gases while, at the same time, has access to technological solutions that can contribute to reducing its own and others parties' emissions.

Bellona and Yara will work to achieve domestic and international political framework conditions that favour the best available environmental technology to reduce emissions. Yara's goal is to be at the forefront of the industry as regards environmental efficiency and the best environmental solutions, and to contribute to sustainable development within its core areas of business.

"Long-term value creation requires tough action when it comes to environmental challenges," says Yara International President and CEO Thorleif Enger, who wants to reduce emissions from Yara's plants, while he highlights the environmental benefits gained using many of the company's products. He continued: "In Bellona, we have a knowledgeable sparring partner to challenge us and one that we can work with on environmental issues."

"I am pleased that Bellona is to cooperate with an ambitious company, which has technology and products that are able to achieve significant emission reductions, both from the heavy industry and transport sectors," says Bellona's leader, Frederic Hauge.