Yara will install its own new technology for the reduction of emissions of the climate gas N2O (nitrous oxide) at the company's fertilizer plants in Norway.

This will lead to reductions of approximately 0.5 million tonnes of CO2-equivalents per year, representing close to 20 per cent reduction of the total climate gas emissions from Yara in Norway today.

The new technology will be installed before the end of 2006. By doing this, the Norwegian chemical industry will reach the target of major cuts in the emissions of climate gases from the process industry in Norway, as agreed between the Federation of Norwegian Process Industries (PIL) and the Norwegian Ministry of Environment in 2003.

The new technology has been developed over many years at Yara's own research centre in Porsgrunn in Norway. This enables Yara to upgrade its existing nitric acid plants to meet the standards of the best and most modern plants.

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