Industrial segment operating income (which includes industrial gas operations) for Yara in 2006 was NOK 537 million, compared with NOK 515 million in the same period in 2005.

EBITDA was NOK 736m ($121m), compared with NOK 720m ($119m) in 2005. Yara say stronger margins and volume growth for industrial N-Chemicals and environmental products were the main drivers behind the improved results.

For the company as a whole the 2006 reports show increased sales in Latin America and Asia, and a delayed season in Europe and North America. In the gas and industrial products sector Yara showed a strong performance, with volumes up 10 percent.

They say strong global demand has been on their side in 2006, which has substantially reduced the risk of over-supply from new capacity coming on-stream this year. Looking ahead, the company believes more stringent environmental standards and a growing mining industry will continue to increase demand for Yara's industrial products.