McPhy Energy, a company that specialises in hydrogen based solutions for energy storage and industrial applications, registered revenue growth in the 2014 fourth quarter of 24%. 

Fourth quarter revenue included a first delivery of production and storage equipment for hydrogen in solid form for the energy market. The industry activity for hydrogen production equipment sales and associated services continues to account for the major share of revenue. As a reminder, revenues reported do not include amounts relating to major demonstration projects in the energy sector (namely H2BER and INGRID) for which income is recognised under “other revenue from ordinary activities”. In 2013, “other revenue from ordinary activities” already amounted to €3.8m.

• Worldwide commercial deployment

By leveraging expertise and knowledge of the field of its commercial team henceforth providing it with a global presence, McPhy Energy’s deployment in the industry and energy markets is on track with its strategy.

• Major advances in mobility and power-to-gas


Toyota announced it was providing free access to the industry to its 5,680 hydrogen mobility-related patents that is expected to provide a decisive impetus to the market where McPhy Energy is a pioneer.

In 2014, the company equipped the hydrogen refuelling station of Berlin-Schönefeld (H2BER) and was selected through a call for tenders in California to supply a hydrogen generator for a refuelling station to be commissioned next summer.

In France, it is also participating in two major projects for the development of hydrogen mobility:

- The HyWay project, providing for two hydrogen-fuelling stations in Lyon and Grenoble.

- The “Mobility Hydrogen France” plan provides for the construction of three hydrogen-fuelling stations in 2015.


McPhy Energy has completed production of the first equipment for storing hydrogen in solid form originating from renewable energy in Italy (INGRID) and has initiated a power-to-gas project in collaboration with GDF-Suez (GHRYD) in Dunkirk, France.

The company was also selected by GRT Gaz in the consortium to produce a new power-to-gas project in France. This project will include in particular an innovative installation for the production of hydrogen through electrolysis from renewable energy.

Following its initial public offering on Euronext Paris (segment C), McPhy Energy had a cash position of €20m at the end of December 2014.