Yemen LNG and USAID sign a Memorandum of Understanding pledging to support local fisheries in Balhaf region.
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Yemen LNG Company. The memorandum (MoU) was signed in support of Yemen LNG’s Sustainable Fisheries Program in the coastal area surrounding Balhaf, Shabwa Governate.
The MoU was signed at Bahalf by Francois Rafin, Yemen LNG’s General Manager and Dr. Jeff Ashley, USAID Mission Director.
Rafin, commented, “More security at sea, improved welfare in the villages, i.e. water, electricity, health care, schools, improved fish stock resources and jobs at the Yemen LNG plant – these are the goals of Yemen LNG and of the fishermen communities. We welcome USAID monitoring the fish stock with scientific technology.”
In the area surrounding the Balhalf LNG plant lie the significant fishing villages of Bir Ali and Jela, which are inhabited by 3000 people. Yemen LNG recently carried out a fisherman compensation program of US$ 2.5m and constructed a new breakwater at Jela’a to mitigate the installation of the Yemen LNG terminal.