Answering the growing demand in the dynamic and expansive Keihin area of Japan, a Joint Venture has been established by Japan Air Gases (JAG), Yokohama Chemicals and Watari Shokai to operate a brand-new cylinder filling centre in Yokohama.

The state-of-the-art new facility will integrate the latest filling technologies, safety and quality standards of Air Liquide, to produce industrial quality gases and mixtures, high purity speciality gases and medical gases in compliance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and Good Manufacturing Practices.

The location of the new facility, operated through the new Joint Venture in which JAG holds a majority share, is likely improve the reliability and services that JAG and its partners are able to offer their customers.

The 3 companies will closely communicate and cooperate together, in order to strengthen their industrial and medical gas sales and market presence in the increasingly industrial and technological Keihin area.

The new filling centre will start operation in April 2008, 5 years since the establishment of Japan Air Gases as a 100 percent affiliate of the Air Liquide Group.