Air Liquide and the State Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilisation (CEU) from Zhejiang University have decided to unite their expertise to develop new solutions for the cleaner and more efficient combustion of coal using oxygen, through the establishment of a joint lab within CEU premises at Zhejiang University.

The joint lab is based mainly on a new R&D combustion platform equipped with the most advanced pilot furnace dedicated for oxy-combustion in China, co-financed by the two partners.

This Combustion Platform will have some unique features in China with a furnace able to test new burners up to 2MW, using fuel-oil and/or pulverised coal. Computer simulation models will be greatly improved by the experimental data provided by the joint lab.

The Chinese industry will benefit from the academic but also practical knowledge developed at the joint lab. Increased efficiency and cleaner combustion is expected to result from the common collaboration.

Within Zhejiang University, one of the leading Universities in China, the State Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization (CEU) focuses on fundamental and applied research in Energy and Environment. The main research subjects at CEU include: Efficient and Clean Utilisation of Fossil Fuel; New and Advanced Energy Systems; Clean Utilisation of Low Grade Energy; Pollutants Formation, Transmission, Measurement and Control during Energy Utilisation; and Numerical Simulations in Multiphase Reaction Systems.

CEU’s Academic Committee is chaired by Professor CEN Kefa, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. CEU’s Director is Prof LUO Zhongyang.