Massachusetts-based CAD Cut will produce customized multi-layer insulation (MLI) blankets for use in the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams’ new high-power heavy ion accelerator. 

Currently under construction at the campus of Michigan State University, the FRIB will consistently produce intense beams of rare isotopes, allowing scientists to study the physics of short-lived nuclei not normally found on Earth and gain insights into the fundamental interactions of nuclear particles.

“CAD Cut has been an effective partner in providing manufacturing solutions for the MLI in our cryomodules,” said Scot Stieber, FRIB Senior Technical Buyer.

“In order for FRIB to achieve its cryomodule assembly within in the projected timeframe, the MLI installation had to be optimized. Having pre-cut MLI blankets has effectively reduced installation time to fit within the assembly timeframe.”

Reduced installation time

CAD Cut will produce more than 2,000 customized CAD Cut Cryokits™ for the 48 cryomodules that will be part of the facility’s heavy ion accelerator. Each cryomodule is 20′ L x 5′ W x 10′ H, weighs 13 tons, and must maintain an internal operating temperature of 2° Kelvin (-456.07° F).

Traditionally, cryogenic insulation for these modules consists of numerous layers of laboriously hand-wrapped materials that are then hand-cut to fit. By using the preassembled CAD Cut Cryokit MLI blankets, the cryomodule assembly team can quickly apply the layered cryogenic insulation, reducing installation times by at least 50 percent.