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  • aldo fumagalli romario, sol group s.p.a

    10 minutes with...Aldo Fumagalli Romario


    Take 10 minutes out with Aldo Fumagalli Romario, President of SOL Group S.p.A, as he talks all things SOL Group and the key trends in the Italian gases market.

  • lucio rota gas cylinder sales manager tenaris dalmine

    10 minutes with...Lucio Rota


    Take 10 minutes out with Lucio Rota, Gas Cylinder Sales Manager at TenarisDalmine, as he talks all things TenarisDalmine and what the Italian-based cylinder manufacturer sees driving growth.

  • stephen jones

    10 minutes with...Stephen Jones


    Take 10 minutes out with Stephen Jones, Managing Director of California-based ITM Power, Inc., as he talks about exciting days for companies such as ITM Power, and the exploration of creating renewable forms of hydrogen.

  • Luke Bradshaw, Taylor-Wharton

    10 minutes with...Luke Bradshaw


    Take 10 minutes out with Luke Bradshaw, Vice-President of Business Development Marketing at Taylor-Wharton, as he talks Taylor-Wharton, cryogenics, and partnerships as a route to success.

  • alberto bossini

    10 Minutes with...Alberto Bossini


    Take 10 minutes out with Alberto Bossini, General Director of Rotarex Italia, as he discusses the role and range of Rotarex Italia, and his view of the untapped potential in the Italian industrial gases market.

  • andrea mcmurtrie guevara

    10 minutes with...Andrea McMurtrie Guevara


    Take 10 minutes out with Andrea McMurtrie Guevara, President of Smart-Hose Technologies, as she discusses the backgrounds of both herself and the company, and the tools Smart-Hose uses to educate its customers.

  • ken ege jensen intelblast

    10 minutes with...Ken Ege Jensen


    Take 10 minutes out with Ken Ege Jensen, CEO of enICEco/Intelblast, as he discusses the company’s journey so far and the future for the dry ice blasting business.

  • Pete Ullman, AIWD

    10 minutes with...Pete Ullman


    Take 10 minutes out with Pete Ullman, Executive Director for the Association of Independent Welding Distributor’s (AIWD) and formerly, VP Technical Services, Techniweld, as he discusses his appointment at the AIWD and what he aims to achieve in the role.

  • robert demorest president and ceo of mocon

    10 minutes with... Robert Demorest


    Take 10 minutes out with Robert Demorest, President and CEO of MOCON, as he discusses the company’s journey so far and the ongoing hot topic that is food purity and safety.

  • niels lanser director of sales and marketing hygear

    10 minutes with...Niels Lanser


    Take 10 minutes out with Niels Lanser, Director of Sales and Marketing at HyGear, as he discusses cylinder filling capabilities and the development of the hydrogen economy.

  • James Belanger, Servomex

    10 minutes with... James Belanger


    Take 10 minutes out with James Belanger, Global Marketing Manager for Industrial Gas and Semiconductor sectors at Servomex, as he discusses what’s driving developments in gas sensing technologies in 2017.

  • bob yeoman

    10 minutes with... Bob Yeoman


    Take 10 minutes out with Bob Yeoman, President and CEO of B R Compliance Associates LLC, as he discusses compliance in the gases business and the current regulatory environment.

  • Paul Rowe Wessington Cryogenics January 2017

    10 minutes with...Paul Rowe


    Take 10 minutes out with Paul Rowe, Managing Director of Wessington Cryogenics, as he discusses Wessington’s plans for the year ahead and some of the company’s more ambitious projects.

  • tom bennett headshot

    10 minutes with...Tom Bennett


    Take 10 minutes out with Tom Bennett, President of Cyl-Tec, Inc., as he discusses being named President and taking over the helm of a family business.

  • ken logan

    10 minutes with...Ken Logan


    Take 10 minutes out with Ken Logan, Commercial Business Development Director, A-Gas, as he discusses innovation, the very recent Kigali Amendment and the phasedown of HFC.

  • abydee butler moore

    10 minutes with...Abydee Butler Moore


    Take 10 minutes out with Abydee Butler Moore, Executive Vice-President – Butler Gas Products Company, as she discusses “Women in the Trades” and being a steward of third generation family ownership.

  • Bob Ranc, Weldcoa and WEMCO

    10 minutes with...Bob Ranc


    Take 10 minutes out with Bob Ranc, WEMCO Membership Committee Chairman and GAWDA Liaison, and Director of Sales, Industrial and Medical Divisions at Weldcoa, as he discusses his role in the welding industry and the journey that led him there. Ranc also talks us through the highlights and challenges ...

  • Michael rollins

    10 minutes with...Michael Rollins


    Take 10 minutes out with Michael Rollins, Vice-President of Global Sales and Marketing at Norris Cylinder, who discusses the company’s products and services, the hot topics in packaged gases, and what’s next on the horizon for Norris.

  • Mark Dickens – November 2014

    10 minutes with...Mark Dickens


    Take 10 minutes out with Mark Dickens, Testing Technologies Specialist, Chesterfield Special Cylinders, as we discuss cylinder testing, periodic inspection, and the launch of the company’s new Integrity Management service.

  • Christian PIC – October 2014

    10 minutes with...Christian Pic


    Take 10 minutes out with Christian Pic, Sales Director at Mil’s SAS, who tells us about the products and services that the company provides, why there is no longer a global medical market, and what’s hot in the medical gases business as 2014 draws to a close.