• Magnegas valves, 2017

    Gaining traction


    From its humble start in Tampa, Florida (US), MagneGas® Corporation has steadily grown into a green tech company at the forefront of the industrial gas sector – and offers the only renewable acetylene replacement fuel available on the market today, called MagneGas2®.

  • MagneGas welding

    A contest that’s just heating up


    MagneGas2 takes on acetylene as the fuel of choice for welders, fabricators, writes Bob Croce, Senior Editor.

  • linde

    Practicing good safety with welding and cutting


    When sound safety practices aren’t taken into consideration, packaged acetylene – used for the purposes of welding and cutting – can produce dangerous outcomes, especially when the gas is combined with oxygen. 

  • life guard safety hose technology

    Acetylene cylinder filling


    Acetylene is one of the most dangerous flammable gases. Because of its molecular triple carbon bond it inherently has a great deal of stored energy able to be released either in a controlled process, such as welding and cutting, or in an uncontrolled fashion during decomposition.

  • Magnegas

    Safety, productivity and renewability: An interview with MagneGas


    In an exclusive interview with gas world, MagneGas CEO Ermanno Santilli explains why the company’s biggest sale to date is a breakthrough for its fast-rising MagneGas2® fuel.

  • Afrox acetylene in confined spaces

    Afrox issues caution of confined atmospheric hazards


    The Linde Group’s African Oxygen Limited (Afrox) has warned of gaseous hazards in confined spaces, offering detailed risk assessments and assessment reports to combat potentially dangerous, atmospheric situations.

  • finger on profit dollar concept

    MagneGas signs LOI for largest sale in its history


    MagneGas Corporation has entered into its largest equipment sale to date with a Letter of Intent (LOI) to manufacture and deliver equipment and supplies to an as-yet-unnamed company based in Germany.

  • metal-cutting-with-acetylene-torch-close-up-on-low-ligth

    Big change coming in cutting fuels


    We live in a technological age, with advances and innovations happening on a seemingly daily basis. It’s hard to believe that certain industries rely on tools that have changed very little in over a century. One such industry is metal cutting, where legacy fuels such as acetylene are slow to ...

  • Magnegas

    Harris to be MagneGas distributor


    MagneGas® Corporation has announced that US distributor Harris Industrial Gases is to begin distributing its MagneGas2® fuel product for metal cutting applications.

  • Jake lake technical manager bcga

    10 minutes with...Jake Lake


    Take 10 minutes out with Jake lake, Technical Manager of the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA), who discusses safety in the gases industry, his varied role at the BCGA, and what the association is doing to improve safety in welding operations.