Dedicated carbon dioxide (CO2) company ACP Group has commenced construction on a new multi-million-euro CO2 purification line in Włocławek, Poland.

Under a €10m ($11m) expansion investment, the Belgium-based business will add a third food-grade recovery and purification line to two other units already in operation at chemical company Anwil S.A.’s site in the Polish city.

Under this new investment, ACP’s three CO2 liquefaction and purification lines will reach a total capacity of 37.5 tonnes per hour – a potential recovery of 300,000 tonnes of CO2 per year overall.

The addition will also allow uninterrupted, continuous production to cover the growing demand for pure liquid CO2 across Europe. The site is scheduled to start operations in June 2018.

This latest development seeks to strengthen ACP’s position as the largest producer and supplier of liquid CO2 and dry ice in Poland and as a leading liquid CO2 supplier in Europe.

“This additional production volume, the large storage capacity and the existing railway connection will allow us to not only serve the Polish market, but also secure the supply to Western Europe and our customers in Ukraine,” General Manager Jan De Ridder reinforced.

“Thanks to our modern, state-of-the-art liquid CO2 purification plants, ACP continues to set the standards and meet the highest safety and quality requirements on the international market,” he added.

Anwil owns two independent ammonia production plants and is the exclusive supplier of raw CO2 gas to ACP’s plants in the country.