ACP will invest in a CO2 recovery unit that will be installed at OPP’s ammonia production plant in Odessa, Ukraine.

Both companies have reached an agreement regarding the recovery of the waste product that occurs during the production of products at OPP’s facilities.

OPP is producer of ammonia, urea and other chemical products. The plant also has storage facilities and sea terminal for export of ammonia, urea and methanol, produced by other enterprises.

This unit will recover waste CO2 from OPP’s ammonia plant which will, in the long term, result into a CO2 annual capacity of 100,000 tonnes. The total investment is around €15m to €20m.

ACP’s intention is to bring high quality CO2 on the Ukrainian market which can be used in the beverages and food industry, transport cooling applications and a range of other industries. ACP strongly believes in a positive future in Ukraine.

The operational start-up is planned within the next two to four years.