Nano gas sensor manufacturer AeroNos has unveiled a new development kit to help customers develop and integrate gas sensing capabilities into various product lines.

Launched today (27th Sep), the kit groups together multiple technologies required to build and test gas sensing applications for a variety of applications such as fire safety, air quality and environmental and greenhouse gas detection.

AerNos AerEval’s single software interface is included in the kit and allows integrators to test and validate single or multi-gas sensors for multiple gas sensor modules.

On the launch, Sundip Doshi, CEO of AeroNos, said, “We are thrilled to provide our product development partners with powerful tools and technologies to help create a compelling solution that is fast-tracked to the market.

“With a robust set of evaluation software and application programming interfaces (APIs), we are excited to see how the development community uses these tools to bring amazing products to the market.”

AerIoT sensor modules, also included in the kit, are single of multi-gas modules designed to easily integrate into third part products to provide gas sensing capabilities. For the development kit, AerIoT will initially come in two single gas configurations.