New Zealand-based engineering specialist Fabrum Solutions has merged with cryocooler and liquefier company AFCryo to create green hydrogen and cryogenic solutions innovator Fabrum.

With AFCryo having supplied cryocooler and liquefier technology to Fabrum Solutions since 2017, the new company will see the systems designed and manufactured by Fabrum and marketed under the brand AFCryocooler. 

In addition to adopting a new identity, the company has appointed Dr Ojas Mahapatra as CEO. 

Stating that the changes reflect its ‘future vision and purpose’, Christopher Boyle, Managing Director, Co-Founder, Fabrum, added, “The Fabrum team thrive on developing advanced technologies for our constantly changing landscape.” 

“While we now have a new name and a long list of disruptive technologies, our commitment to treading lightly to leave the world a better place hasn’t changed since we formed.” 

The company has a history of contributing to cutting-edge projects, including the creation of breathable air and carbon-based fuel for a NASA Mars Lander project. 

Another project saw the company create a system design for ETNZ’s prototype Chase Zero boat powered by hydrogen and electric. 

To advance the ongoing green transition, Fabrum unveiled its green hydrogen production system last year, a joint venture with UK company CPH2 to enable on-site hydrogen production for point of use refuelling. 

“Liquid hydrogen is the future – it opens up new possibilities for long-distance transport, marine and aviation,” added Boyle.