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    Preview: Air gases in Europe, with Nippon Gases


    Eduardo Gil Elejoste, President of Nippon Gases Europe (NGE), talks air gases as the backbone of the industry, optimism in Europe and the calls to action the region needs to listen to.

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    Solutions to keep hospitals supplied with oxygen


    SYOXSA, Inc. is overcoming challenges to supply hospitals with life-saving oxygen needed to treat coronavirus (Covid-19) patients in the El Paso area of Texas.

  • Renown Regional Hospital converts their parking garage into a 700 bed COVID-19 unit for overflow patients. 2

    A staple industrial gas business looking beyond the pandemic


    This article comes as we are almost a year into dealing with the global pandemic and the subsequent effect on the US economy and business markets. Like other parts of the industrial gas business, US air gases, the bread and butter of the industrial gas (IG) business, has been impacted ...

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    The water-energy nexus


    September 2020, water joined precious metals, oil and other commodity futures traded on Wall Street amid fears of scarcity. In October, Chart Industries, Inc., a global manufacturer of engineered equipment for the industrial gas and energy industries, announced its acquisition of the water cleantech company BlueInGreen, LLC., which Chart’s CEO ...

  • Tank Painting

    Emergency services


    One of the problems which has put pressure on oxygen availability at hospitals has been frozen vaporisers, and companies like Brio Services have been stepping in with emergency assistance over the last year. Brio also continued with its air separation unit (ASU) and cryogenic tank painting and fireproofing in 2020, ...

  • KAG Merchant Gas

    KAG delivers during pandemic disruption


    Q A with John Frinzi, Executive Vice-President, Kenan Advantage Group’s KAG Merchant Gas

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    Ken Thompson: Distributors expand gases-related presence


    In the early 1960s, Union Carbide’s Linde Division, Airco, and National Cylinder Gas began aligning with welding supplies distributors to expand their respective presence in cylinder gases distribution. Each of the major gas producers recognised the logistics costs in serving small end users and responded by establishing networks of independent ...

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    Mixed reality for improved operations


    For Illinois-based Nalco Water, an Ecolab company, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has sped up the introduction of mixed reality technologies to help support its ever-growing customer base.

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    Sustainable solutions utilising oxygen


    AirSep Corporation, a CAIRE Inc. company located in Buffalo, New York, has manufactured oxygen systems for over 34 years building, strong relationships with customers all around the world to help maximise their business needs using PSA and Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) technology.

  • WHA Oxygen Clean Room

    Oxygen cleaning: fundamental fire protection


    One autumn afternoon in 2013, operators initiated startup of a new basic oxygen furnace (BOF) located at a steel plant in the Midwest. Inside the furnace, six natural gas burners were each paired with an oxygen lance to achieve optimal combustion. Despite several reported anomalies in pressure and flow, the ...

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    Gas Masters to the rescue


    In 2020, for over 38 consecutive weeks, Weldcoa’s Gas Masters Team remotely trained and shared industry specific concepts related to fill plant operations to over 2,200 unique registrants in 11 different countries. In total, Weldcoa delivered 70 live webinars between April and December last year. 

  • China

    Air Products signs long-term gas supply contract in China


    Air Products has signed a long-term gas supply contract with Shandong Binhua New Material, a subsidiary of Befar Group, to support its flagship chemical project located in the Beihai Economic Development Zone of Binzhou City, Shandong Province, China.

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    Linde starts up ASU in Lithuania


    Linde’s new air separation plant (ASU) in Kėdainiai, Lithuania, is now fully operational, supplying the Baltic market with industrial and liquid oxygen and nitrogen products.

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    Atlas Copco acquires Purification Solutions


    Atlas Copco has today (4 th Jan) acquired the operating business of air treatment and nitrogen generator manufacturer Purification Solutions.

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    Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association welcomes new members


    Taiyo Nippon Sanso, GE Additive and Siemens Digital Industries Software are among the 12 new companies that have joined the Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA).

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    Plant mechanisation


    Linde Europe North is close to finishing a 15-year journey to complete automation which has seen the Swedish industrial gases company not only automate its filling and cylinder handling, but also redesign its whole supply chain for the packaged gas business. Heavily driving an innovation and digitisation agenda, the company ...

  • Surface of the sun

    Maximising margins


    The air that we breathe into our air separation unit (ASU) costs money in the form of electrical power. Our return comes from selling the oxygen, nitrogen and argon that we compress. Whilst the oxygen and nitrogen have contracted customers with pipeline supplies, the profitability of modern ASU operations is ...

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    Gasification is a long-established technology with a fascinating future. As an early example at industrial scale, the Seattle Gas Light Company coal gasification plant in the State of Washington came into operation in 1906. At its peak 40 years later, it was producing 7,000 Nm³ per hour of town gas ...

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    Getting into technical gases


    IJsfabriek Strombeek describes a 40-year journey in the nitrous oxide business to gasworld’s Rob Cockerill.

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    In focus… Industrial gases and space exploration


    Driving down the American freeway it was the 10-story tall NASA insignia adorning the side of the space agency’s iconic Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) that signalled I had arrived at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.