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  • Nitrogen in copper mining .

    Nitrogen in copper mining


    A case study in the benefits of on-site nitrogen generation, by Dr. Mahesh Madyagol, Oxymat Group.

  • nitrogen gases

    Nitrogen: Applications and distribution


    As the most abundant of the air gases, the markets for nitrogen in terms of production, distribution and application are well established, and are discussed here by Rob Cockerill.

  • sky atmosphere air gases

    E Instruments' monitors for real-time analysis and reports


    E Instruments presents its complete family of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitors – all of which have the capability to run real-time air quality analysis and reports.

  • Distribution tanker

    Total driving distance in 2016 for tankers


    According to data compiled by the Japan Industrial and Medical Gases Association (JIMGA) for 2016, tanker trucks carrying liquid oxygen (O 2 ), nitrogen (N 2 ), argon (Ar) and carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) travelled a total of 127.61 million km in 2016, The Gas Review revealed. 

  • Picture1

    China industrial gas industry starts 2018 with big orders


    Kaifeng Air Separation Group (KFAS), based in Kaifeng city of Henan province of China, has signed a contract for two sets of 60000 Nm3/h air separation plant - a big order for the start of 2018.

  • asu money

    The 2017 air gases market report


    Announcements of domestic air separation unit and liquefaction builds and expansions for start-up through 2021 indicate that the US air gases business will be steady but not strong. This is still an improvement from earlier in the decade when economic recessions only allowed improvements to those capacities from de-bottlenecking and ...

  • Air products asu in china

    Work begins on Air Products and Linde JV


    Reports suggest work is underway on the $60m joint venture to build a large-scale air separation unit (ASU) and industrial gas liquefier in New York.

  • Currency Finance China

    Large-scale ASUs order for Hangzhou Hangyang


    Chinese air separation unit (ASU) manufacturer Hangzhou Hangyang Group has signed a contract for three sets of 100,000 Nm3/h ASUs with Shenhua Yulin Energy and Petrochemicals Limited and Shenhua Resources Group Company.

  • bcga logo

    Booking now open for 2018 BCGA conference


    Biomethane, whole-body-cryotherapy and Brexit are just three of the areas set to be discussed at the BCGA annual conference next year – which is now open for bookings.

  • health-safety-gas_world

    BCGA guide details gas container information


    The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) working closely with the Department for Transport has pulled together a wealth of information and guidance to produce a new, definitive guide to the many types of gas containers in use in the UK.

  • oxygen equipment

    Home oxygen delivery


    Over the past few years, the healthcare industry across Europe has undergone some significant changes. The pressure on healthcare economies has been well documented. As well as outright reductions in pricing demanded during the tender process, homecare providers have also had to contend with a general decline in reimbursements as ...

  • oxygen mask and china flag

    Challenges in China’s medical oxygen business


    The controversial battle between GMP oxygen supply and PSA oxygen generation. By Victor Leung.

  • Dry ice cocktail beverages

    Indian government to investigate food safety


    Indian Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Harsh Vardhan, has announced that the government will investigate the issue of restaurants serving food and drinks embellished with liquid nitrogen.

  • Highview power storage laes storage technology cropped

    Highview awarded £1.5m for hybrid LAES


    UK-based business, Highview Power Storage, has been awarded more than £1m worth of funding for a new hybrid configuration of its existing Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) system – and it will be operational by summer 2018.

  • Electronics Samsung

    Praxair starts up new South Korea ASU


    Praxair, Inc. has announced the start-up of a new air separation plant (ASU) to support Samsung’s display manufacturing complex in Tangjeong, South Korea, its third such plant at the facility.

  • Interview with Stefan Messer

    Strategic, sustainable growth – An interview with Stefan Messer


    The Messer Group is arguably one of few major players in the global gases business not scrambling for a seismic share of the market. This has been to the company’s credit, not its detriment, in the last decade as the company has successfully grown its profile while ‘conserving its humbleness’. ...

  • Oxygen in glass production

    Oxygen in metals and glass production


    The application of oxygen in the production of metals and glass is a well-established practice, critical to the structural properties we seek from these important materials. Today, several factors are important: not least the purity of oxygen and waste reduction in the application process, which enhances the end product as ...

  • Oceania gas company profile July 2017

    Oceania Gas


    For over 50 years Oceania Gas has been serving the Pacific Islands’ unique gas needs. Formerly owned by The Linde Group and trading as BOC, the Oceania Gas name was born on 1st April 2016 when Vinod Patel Investments purchased the majority shareholding – forming a truly independent, locally owned ...

  • PSA plant technologies

    In focus...PSA plant technologies


    Convenience. Consistency. Low operating costs. These are just a few reasons why many companies are opting to use pressure swing adsorption (PSA) gas production technology, along with its flexibility, scale and performance advantages.

  • Ahmed Hababou, Carburos Metalicos

    Carburos Metálicos – Cruising through the crisis


    Carburos Metálicos, a leading provider of industrial and medical gases in Spain, hit a major milestone this year in celebrating its 120th year in business.