Air Liquide has designed and developed a portable hydrogen refuelling station to be launched in the US.

The all-in-one portable hydrogen station, developed by Air Liquide Advanced Technologies US, LLC, can supply gaseous hydrogen at a nominal pressure of 700 bar.

The performance of the station is similar to a standard permanent hydrogen station, with a fuelling capacity of up to 200kg per day and up to five fills per hour with the capability for 2-7kg per fill.

The compact size and ease of mobility makes the refuelling station a suitable solution for sites that require temporary installation or a connection to the hydrogen energy infrastructure for small fleet usage, vehicle testing or location testing.

The Tier One company offers additional add-ons to the portable refuelling station, with the option to increase capacity, improved back-to-back performance, and the installation of a point of sale for public use.

The stations fuelling times follow SAE J2601 protocol for H70 T40 fills of light duty vehicles. 


Source: Air Liquide

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