Air quality monitoring equipment specialist Air Monitors has been appointed as ECOTECH’s official distributor in the UK.

ECOTECH is a global leader in the manufacture of environmental monitoring instrumentation, including the highly regarded and MCERTS certified, Serinus® range of ambient gas analysers.

“We have worked with ECOTECH for many years, so we have built a high level of confidence in their products,” explained Air Monitors Managing Director Jim Mills. “We are therefore delighted to be appointed as their distributor for the full range, and look forward to bringing the advantages of ECOTECH’s levels of precision and usability to our rapidly expanding customer base.”

“One of the reasons for formalising our partnership is that ECOTECH is more than just an instrument manufacturer; ECOTECH also installs, services and maintains its own products in the field. This provides their design engineers with a unique perspective, enabling them to develop instruments that are robust and easy to service, which lowers the cost of ownership.”

Felicity Sharp, Head of ECOTECH Europe, added, “We have pioneered innovative solutions in environmental monitoring for over 40 years, and our strategic focus is to work with like-minded organisations with a focus on quality and service. Air Monitors is therefore our ideal distributor and we are excited and hugely optimistic about the prospects for this winning partnership!”

Ecotech Serinus40 NOx

Source: Air Monitors