Air Products has expanded the capabilities of its patented Mobile Cryogenic Hydrogen Compressor (CHC) system in response to customers’ needs for urgent and cyclical gas supply.

The improved CHC system can connect directly to a customer’s house-line to supply gaseous hydrogen (H2) to its operation and also doubles up as a mobile transfill system by filling gas tube trailers at a customer’s site.

The adaptable mobile CHC is part of the company’s ‘Air Products Express Services’ (APEX), and provides safe, reliable and fast temporary gas supply. It can offer higher pressure and flow capabilities than other systems available in the market today and provides significant operational efficiencies, including improved site safety management, use of existing infrastructure and utilises, zero capital investment, lower distribution costs, and increased reliability of supply.

Air Products has been providing spot H2 service for over 40 years. The company’s advanced, widespread network enables it to supply short-term H2 when and where it is needed.

Hydrogen Air Products facility

Hydrogen Air Products facility

Source: Air Products