Air Products, in collaboration with ProCare, has developed a tailored PolarFit® Care cryotherapy vessel for Fulham FC Elite Sports Club to boost player recovery and performance.

The English Football League (EFL) Championship club, which has been trialling cryotherapy over the last three seasons, has received expert training to adopt PolarFit Care, the world’s first and only fully customised Whole Body Cryotherapy system, developed by Air Products and sports scientists ProCare.

Fulham has already seen positive results including a reduction in player muscle soreness and reduced injury time as a result of its existing approach to cryotherapy. It expects to boulster these results still further by applying the individually tailored and bespoke approach afforded by PolarFit Care.

Cryotherapy unit

Cryotherapy unit

Chris Hansen, Head of Physiology at Fulham FC, explains, “We tailor most aspects of the players’ schedules, from training to therapy and even diet, based on things like body type, age and position in the team.”

“Any treatment that can be intelligently applied based on the needs of an individual player is bound to increase its effectiveness. It only makes sense that a more tailored approach will improve the already positive results of cryotherapy treatment. We’ve been really impressed by the PolarFit Care offer and are excited by the potential to boost recovery and performance to the next level,” Hansen added.

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The software, developed by Air Products and ProCare, pulls data from nearly 1,000 peer-reviewed papers on cryotherapy, cold water emersion and local cold therapy to deliver tailored programmes to improve the recovery time, injury prevention, metabolism and even sleep of each individual player.

Martin O’Connell at Air Products says, “Tailored cryotherapy should give Fulham an edge next season and in elite sport, an edge is everything.”

“Whole Body Cryotherapy is gaining in popularity as a treatment but most clubs and athletes take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to its use.”

“We know that individuals respond differently to Whole Body Cryotherapy depending on their physical and genetic make-up, so PolarFit Care represents a huge opportunity for forward looking clubs,” O’Connell continued.

The PolarFit Care treatment package is new to the UK market, following extensive testing in the Netherlands, and emphasises the benefits of a safe and tailored approach. All PolarFit Care cryotherapy vessels use indirect whole body cryotherapy. This is the safest kind of cryotherapy on the market, ensuring the nitrogen (N2) used to cool the chamber never comes into contact with the athlete’s body.

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