Air Products has joined the first global initiative of its kind that aims to position hydrogen (H2) among the key solutions of the energy transition – the Hydrogen Council.

The Tier One corporation is continuing its commitment to help develop H2 as an integral part of the future energy mix by joining participants from major oil and energy companies, car makers and aircraft manufacturers in the global CEO coalition.

Set up during the 2017 World Economic Forum, the council aims to help develop and commercialise H2 and the fuel cell sector through significant investment, the introduction of appropriate policies and other associated programmes.

Committed to H2

In addition to its new role in the Hydrogen Council, Air Products is involved in many innovative H2 infrastructure and fuelling projects globally.

In Germany, the company recently delivered a H2 filling station and fuel for the world’s first H2-powered trains by Alstom.

Next year, in a separate project granted by Stadtwerke Hürth, Air Products will upgrade the existing bus fuelling station in Hürth to support the deployment of 30 H2 buses operating in the Cologne area.

The company is also focused on advancing H2 technology when it comes to delivering the product to a network of stations. Latest developments include using composite trailers to transport H2 under high pressure, dual phase liquid H2 tankers and small steam methane reformers for onsite H2 production.

In collaboration with the automobile industry, Air Products has developed protocols for refuelling with H2, which have been applied in more than seven million instances of such refuelling in recent decades.

“We bring our experience both as the leading supplier of H2 to refineries for producing cleaner burning transportation fuels, and as a H2 fuelling pioneer, with over 250 fuelling projects in over 20 countries,” says Chairman, President and CEO Seifi Ghasemi of Air Products and also the company’s Hydrogen Council representative. “In fact, we deployed our first H2 fuelling station 25 years ago and have built a portfolio of over 50 H2 supply and dispensing technology patents.”