Air Products will today (8th March) start showcasing its industrial gas solutions at its virtual booth as part of Pittcon 2021 Virtual Conference and Expo.

The industrial gas giant will host its virtual booth until the end of the week (12th March) and has invited attendees to visit them to learn more about its solutions.

Specifically, Air Products has encouraged delegates to learn more about CryoEase® MicroBulk Solutions, which provide the advantages of bulk supply to smaller-volume users of nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide. 

By filling customer storage systems on-site with our microbulk solutions, customers can eliminate swapping empty cylinders and/or smaller liquid dewars, improve efficiency, and reduce waste.

Commenting on the solution, the company said, “Air Products’ CryoEase® Service provides a convenient and cost-effective, reliable gas supply solution. Air Products introduced this service to further our mission of delivering the ideal gas supply solution to industrial gas users.”

“Air Products has installed more than 10,000 CryoEase® tanks worldwide, bringing cost-effective, convenient, reliable and advanced gas supply services to customers across different industries.”