Air Products has revealed plans to build a new liquid hydrogen (H2) plant at its La Porte, Texas industrial gas facility to meet increasing product demand from several customer markets.

The liquid H2 plant will produce approximately 30 tonnes per day, will draw its H2 to be liquefied from Air Products’ existing Gulf Coast H2 pipeline system network, and is to be onstream in 2021.

“The investment in this new liquid H2 production facility in Texas will assist with meeting current customer demand, as well as capture the increased growth that we see coming from several markets,” explained Marie Ffolkes, President of Americas at Air Products. “Logistically, our La Porte plant has several operational benefits which make the site selection for this new facility a good choice.”

“We are confident with this additional capacity that we will be able to meet the projected growing liquid H2 needs coming from the varied industries in the United States for which a reliable source of this product is vitally important to our customers’ manufacturing operations.”

Once liquefied at La Porte, the H2 will be delivered in trailers to customers in industries including: electronics, chemical and petrochemical, metals, material handling, float glass, edible fats and oils, and utilities. The Tier One corporation also has liquid H2 production plants operating in New Orleans, Louisiana; Sacramento, California; Sarnia, Ontario, Canada; and Rotterdam in The Netherlands.

The new facility at La Porte will join Air Products’ existing H2 and syngas production operations, as well as an ASU. The liquid H2 plant will be connected to, and draw H2 from, Air Products’ Gulf Coast Pipeline (GCP), the world’s largest H2 plant and pipeline network system. The 600-mile pipeline span stretches from the Houston Ship Channel in Texas to New Orleans, Louisiana, and supplies customers with over 1.4 billion feet of H2 per day from 23 H2 production facilities.

Pipelines offer a safe, robust and reliable supply of H2 to industries around the world. Globally, Air Products’ pipeline operational expertise is evidenced by its network of systems. Besides the GCP, Air Products also has a H2 pipeline in California in the US, in Sarnia, Ontario and Alberta, Canada, and in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.