Air Products has won an additional, long-term hydrogen (H2) supply contract with one of the largest petroleum refiners in the US, Marathon Petroleum Company LP.

Under the deal, the Tier One corporation will supply approximately 30 million standard cubic feet (scf) per day of H2 to Marathon Petroleum’s refinery in Garyville, Louisiana.

The industrial gas giant has been supplying Marathon Petroleum’s Garyville refinery with H2 since 1993 and built a new H2 production facility specifically to serve the site in 2007. The plant, which came on-stream in 2009, provides 120 million scf per day to the site.

The new supply award will begin in November 2017.

Its Gulf Coast Pipeline system, the world’s largest H2 plant and pipeline system, will provide the extra H2 needed for Marathon Petroleum’s 2018 Clean Diesel project.

According to gasworld Business Intelligence, Air Products is currently the largest player by revenue active in the South East region of the US, with the bulk of its revenue generated through its extensive onsite and pipeline network.

“This section of the pipeline has a hydrogen capacity of around 600 million scf per day, supplied by no less than 13 plants”

James Barr, Senior Business Analyst, gasworld Business Intelligence

Senior Business Analyst James Barr explained, “The East section of Air Products’ Gulf Coast Pipeline runs from Baton Rouge down the Mississippi, and finishes to the East of New Orleans. We estimate that this section of the pipeline has a H2 capacity of around 600 million scf per day, supplied by no less than 13 plants.”

Marie Ffolkes, President – Industrial Gases Americas at Air Products, highlighted, “Our Gulf Coast Pipeline is an additional value-added source of reliable product supply. The increased H2 supply for Marathon Petroleum, and continued growth with other refiners on the pipeline network, is a testament to the size and reliability of our Gulf Coast Pipeline system.”

Air Products officially dedicated its pipeline system in 2012. It stretches 600 miles from the Houston Ship Channel in Texas down to New Orleans, Louisiana, and supplies customers with over 1.4 billion feet of H2 per day from over 22 H2 production facilities.

The company also has H2 pipelines in California, Ontario, Canada, and Rotterdam, the Netherlands.