Airgas, an Air Liquide company, has today shared how the company is tackling the coronavirus crisis.

In an update from Pascal Vinet, CEO of Airgas, the company expressed that safety comes first and it is continuing to prioritise the safety of its customers.

“Knowing that the oxygen we deliver daily to hospitals and other aspects of our business are vital to our collective COVID-19 response, each art of our organisation is primed and implementing business continuity measures based on local needs,” Vinet explains.

Airgas’ CEO assured it customers that in such emergencies, priority will always be given to medical facilities and first responders.

The company has also said that it is committed to safely operating its network of gas plants, local branches, and hardgoods distribution centres, as well as working closely with its many suppliers in order to ensure continuity of service to customers. 

Airgas is encouraging customers to follow social distancing recommendations by placing orders online or by called ahead to a local branch for order pickups. 

“On behalf of all of Airgas and our parent company Air Liquide, we wish you continued health and safety.”