Airgas will next week open its brand-new ALTEC Engineering Solutions Centre to innovate and create new technical solutions in Twinsburg, Ohio.

The Air Liquide company on Thursday (18th August) said 35 onsite and 45 remote employees will be based at the 42,000 square foot facility.

gasworld understands the site will host both internal collaborators and customers for interactive training sessions, product development and research projects.

With dedicated lab space and industrial testing capacity, the location will accelerate time to market for new technical solutions that provide value-added solutions to customer in the Great Lakes region and across the US.

John Liesen, Vice-President, ALTEC Engineering Solutions and Business Development, said, “The new ALTEC Engineering Solutions Center in Twinsburg, Ohio will generate the cross-pollination of resources, ideas, and expertise in a right-sized space to provide synergies that will greatly amplify our ability to serve our customers.”

“We are also excited to see how the training and development of technically and commercially-oriented associates in the same facility can enhance skill building, professional development, and progression, stoking our collective performance growth.”

Dan Sheets, Great Lakes Regional Vice President of Sales & Marketing, added, “This investment is for our associates, to continually grow our welding expertise, as well as for our customers who look to Airgas for a wide range of Welding and Cutting Application solutions.”

“Here, customers can take our Unlocking the Hidden Costs of Welding™ courses, meet with our team of welding engineers and application specialists, and learn first-hand about the latest in welding process application, shielding gases and welding technologies, including state-of-the-art manual welding equipment, welding robotics, collaborative robots and plasma cutting systems onsite.”