Alpha Moisture Systems has introduced its latest portable dewpoint hygrometers which will be added to its existing range of dewpoint hygrometers.

The SADPmini2 and SADPmini2-Ex will provide users with reliable and accurate measurements of moisture in gases.

SADPmini2-Ex Hand Held Dewpoint Meter

Source: Alpha Moisture Systems

The SADPmini2 is used for general purpose use and the SADPmini2-Ex is ATEX, IECEx & CULUS certified for use in hazardous areas.

Designed specifically to measure the moisture content of most gases and dry compressed air, the SADPmini2 incorporates the Dry-Down desiccant chamber allowing for spot check on sample gas with results in minutes.

The instrument also features datalogging, which can be downloaded onto a PC, printed wirelessly or viewed on a smartphone via APP.

The SADPmini2 and SADPmini2-EX also feature AUTOCAL function, rechargeable batteries, a user selectable choice of languages, full colour graphical display capable of displaying two reading of different units simultaneously and a screenshot feature.