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    Liquid hydrogen trailers – custom solutions, repair, rehab


    Worthington Industries provides a service to ensure hydrogen gets to end-users.

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    Paving the way for clean hydrogen


    The consensus across the energy industry, from producers to vehicle manufacturers to utilities to government, has perhaps never been so complete – hydrogen, with its high energy content and zero-emissions profile, will play a key role in a decarbonized future with reduced greenhouse gas emissions. 

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    Medical demand, clean energy drive


    Exclusive interview with Peter Wagner, CEO of CIS and Nikkiso Clean Energy and Industrial Gases Group, by Nick Parkinson.

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    The workforce is changing…


    Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and GenZ; are we all really as different as our own perceptions? Putting all of our ‘so called’ differences aside, each generation grew up with a different technology tool-set and a very different mind-set. It makes perfect sense then, that each generation learns in a ...

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    Covid-19: The ‘snowball’ effect


    Since our founding in 2009, Global Calibration Gases has operated under two, hard fast rules. First, we will always be a wholesale provider, never dealing directly with the retail customer. In this way we never compete with the reseller of our products. Second, we only focus on product lines where ...

  • Hydrogen – September 2014

    Covid-19 troubles hydrogen business


    Annual hydrogen capacity in the US is approximately 3.5 billion cubic feet per year (Bcf/yr), 68% of which is used in petroleum processing, according to the US Department of Energy (DOE). The Covid-19 pandemic is having a detrimental impact on the refinery hydrogen business as mitigation efforts have significantly reduced ...

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    Welding hardgoods expect 10% sales decline in Q2


    If business was bad in the first quarter (Q1) 2020, then expect figures to be worse in Q2, according to responses in the latest Baird/gasworld Q1 2020 Welding and Industrial Gas Survey.

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    10 minutes with… Andy Ghiz


    Take 10 minutes out with Andy Ghiz, Vice-President of Americas at Oxford Flow, as he discusses the company’s most popular products, key partnerships in the US and the best thing about working for Oxford Flow.

  • BelGAS Introduces P1098 High-Capacity Regulator PR Image 5.28.20

    BelGAS launches new regulator


    BelGAS® has developed a new P1098 High-Capacity Pressure Reducing Regulator, a large-volume regulator for natural gas, propane and other fuels serving the industrial or commercial markets.

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    North American Helium raises $39m


    North American Helium (NAH) has closed a non-brooked common share equity financing of approximately $39m that will be used to construct its second helium purification plant at the Battle Creek field in Southwest Saskatchewan, to fund an active drilling program, and for general corporate purposes.

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    Desert Mountain Energy engages drilling contractor


    Desert Mountain Energy has engaged Southwest Regional drilling contractor Drake Well Service to drill the initial two wells of its upcoming helium drill programme in Arizona’s Holbrook Basin.

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    MoU signed for Canadian helium facility


    Southern Saskatchewan could soon be the home of a ‘poly-generation’ facility for the production and refinement of helium as well as associated inert gases from helium bearing gas production.

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    FCI showcases flow meter technologies


    Fluid Components International (FCI) has showcased the suitability of its ST100 Series and MT100 Series thermal flow meters for engineers responsible for designing, installing and operating thermal oxidiser systems to remove harmful hazardous pollutants.

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    Bad weather calls off NASA-SpaceX launch


    Unfavourable weather conditions forced NASA and SpaceX to call off the first crewed flight from US soil in nearly a decade yesterday.

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    Sauer Compressors opens new facility


    Sauer Compressors USA has opened a new office in Mississauga, Ontario.

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    Air Liquide supports NASA-SpaceX launch


    Today, for the first time in ten years, NASA will launch a human space flight from American soil to the International Space Station.

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    Blue Star Helium: 3 Bcf prospective helium resource


    Blue Star Helium has a prospective helium resource of three billion cubic feet (Bcf) for its two prospects in Colorado, US, the Australian exploration company said today.

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    Air Products names Chief Operating Officer


    Air Products has appointed Dr. Samir J Serhan as its Chief Operating Officer.

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    Historic NASA-SpaceX launch 'go' for liftoff


    For the first time in nearly a decade, American astronauts will launch into space from US soil tomorrow aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft, marking the first commercial crew flight for NASA.

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    Skyre: Achieving life-saving missions on Earth


    Based in Connecticut, Skyre’s journey began when its CEO Trent Molter founded it in 2007 as a company that builds innovative, highly efficient and socially responsible clean energy products for industry.