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  • Hydroco2

    Helium mobile pipeline


    Historically, steel tube trailers have been the only choice for transporting bulk quantities of compressed gasses. However, advances in composite technologies have made it possible to utilise composite cylinders that are considerably lighter than Type-I tube trailers. Steel tube trailers limit operational efficiencies due to the weight of the cylinders ...

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    On the 112th anniversary of the first liquefaction of helium by the great Dutch physicist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes at the University of Leiden, Quantum Design (QD), together with other cryogenic instrumentation companies and scientific institutions around the world, celebrated 10th July as ‘Helium Conservation Day’. While it might be tempting ...

  • Air Products’ helium production facility in Doe Canyon, Colorado

    Helium swings from tight supply to surplus


    Helium supply remained tight for the past two years until mid-March when across the globe countries went into lockdown to rein in the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), causing a global recession.

  • GW_Helium_006

    Helium gas diaphragm valves


    Helium gas providers are continually striving for improved means to deliver their products to an increasingly demanding customer base. To fulfill this perpetually advancing need, helium providers pursue a race for excellence in providing the best possible technological solutions captured in some of the world’s most advanced equipment to serve ...

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    Full composite cylinders


    Over nearly 60 years, composite technologies utilising high strength, lightweight carbon fiber have made significant strides in reducing the weight and increasing the strength properties of many different products used in everyday life. Composites are increasingly used in the manufacture of aircraft, wind turbine blades, bicycles, and cylinders for high ...

  • hurricane_wp4351_basseal (1)

    Sauer Compressors USA


    Established in 1998, Sauer Compressors USA stands as one of 13 subsidiaries of Sauer Compressors, a global group of companies, founded more than 130 years ago as a brass foundry in the North German city of Kiel.

  • Close-up Of King Chess Pieces On Wooden Blocks With Mergers And Acquisitions

    IC Biomedical: New life sciences player established


    Milton Street Capital has announced the simultaneous acquisition of the Life Sciences business of Worthington Industries and International Cryogenics, Inc.

  • dsc_0057-02-2

    Covid-19: Will helium markets ‘thread the needle’?


    Covid-19 has dominated the headlines since it first entered the picture in January 2020 and the World Health Organisation declared a pandemic on 11th March. All of our day-to-day lives have been affected and almost every business and industry has been impacted in some way.

  • Screenshot 2020-11-02 at 11.18.39

    Linde to fuel Californian mobility market with green hydrogen


     Linde today (2 nd Nov) said it will start producing green hydrogen at its Ontario plant for the mobility market in California – enough to fuel up to 1,600 vehicles a day.

  • nikola_tre3

    Notes on a scandal: Three weeks of turmoil at Nikola Corporation


    It is easy to fall from grace, especially in the public eye. The hard part is to earn respect and keep it. That’s the challenge facing Nikola Corporation, since the company was rocked by scandal in September and subsequently revealed the departure of its founder and former Chairman Trevor Milton. ...

  • Screenshot 2020-10-28 at 16.41.50

    Wyoming CO2 pipeline moves forward


    Plans for a carbon dioxide (CO2) pipeline corridor in the US state of Wyoming have taken a step forward today with the Bureau of Land Management’s release of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

  • oct 26

    NETL converts CO2 from chemical buildings to fuel


    NETL researchers are using advanced computational tools to repurpose carbon dioxide (CO2) from a waste product into chemical building blocks to manufacturer fuels and a range of other high-value items.

  • worthington94

    Worthington named FCA Supplier of the Year


    Worthington Industries has been named FCA Supplier of the Year in the category of raw materials.

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    Messer Americas receives recognition


    Messer Americas has been ranked as one of the best companies in Brazil by Época Negócios 360°.

  • Rendering showing 'first look' of what will be the world's largest DAC plant, currently being engineered by CE and 1PointFive (1)

    Carbon Engineering: Scaling up direct air capture technologies


    Without a doubt, the coronavirus pandemic still remains one of the most talked about subjects of 2020. It’s destructive impact on people’s health, work life, families and finances was devastating for so many individuals across the globe.

  • Finance concept

    Chart reports record orders in Q3 financials


    Chart Industries has today reported its third quarter 2020 results, highlighting record orders in distribution and storage hydrogen equipment, water treatment, LNG regas, ISO containers and repair, service and leasing.

  • Chart image

    Chart to participate in H2@Scale project


    Chart Industries has today announced its participation in the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) project, Demonstration and Framework for H2@Scale in Texas and Beyond.

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    Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association welcomes new members


    Taiyo Nippon Sanso, GE Additive and Siemens Digital Industries Software are among the 12 new companies that have joined the Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA).

  • Texas Carbon Emissions

    New project will accelerate CCS in Texas


    A new project has set out to identify policies and actions that will facilitate the capture, storage and use of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) in Texas.

  • Award Concept

    Global Thermostat receives recognition


    US-based direct air capture company Global Thermostat has been awarded a silver designation on the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School’s third annual Most Fundable Companies® List.